Eco-Luxury Features

Solar Panels

At Auto West BMW  we have installed 9 solar panels which are 235 watt modules and generate approximately 2300 kw/hrs of power. At MINI Richmond we installed 168 solar panels is the largest solar panel installation on an dealership in Canada which produce 41.16kw of solar grid power in
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Water Recirculation

We reclaim approximately 90% of the water from our car washes. The runoff water is collected and all particulates are filtered out; then it is reused during the wash cycle. At Mini Richmond we have two 4,000 gallon underground tanks that collect storm water which is used to irrigate t
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Geothermal Heating & Cooling

We incorporated Geo-thermal heating and cooling technology in our design to eliminate the traditional HVAC system to eliminate harmful CFC’s. As well, part of the geothermal design is a green roof concept. The benefits of green roof gardens are greater sound insulation, reduced heatin
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Honey Bees

With the concern of the worldwide phenomenon of CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder, we designed an apiary on our roof top to compliment our green roof gardens. Apis Mellifera is the scientific name for the common honey bee we have in our apiary. The apiary consists of 3 colonies that house
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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The V.A.W.T (vertical Axis wind turbine),  is 53’ tall with vertical blades that are 9’ in length with a swept area of 63 square feet that is designed to produce 3500 watts of power at optimum* wind speed. We have installed in-line meters to record the power we have generated and afte
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Green Roof

Our initial green roof gardens had some substantial failure in 2009 due to design flaw. We redesigned most of the gardens in early 2010. We’ve installed over 2,200 additional plants and added one more garden as part of the apiary that we installed which includes 3 bee hives. We now ha
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